Boditrax: Measure What Matters

Sep 01, 2023 |

Boditrax is a body composition tool that measures so much more than your BMI (Body Mass Index) and in only 30 seconds too! Boditrax gives you a great overview of your health and can be used to set achievable targets.

You can use Boditrax regularly to monitor your progress independently or with the support of our Health & Fitness Coaches - and best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Your 30 second session on Boditrax measures:

  • Metabolic Age - The metabolic efficiency of your body composition. The ratio of muscle to fat in your body.
  • Muscle mass - the amount of all the muscle in your body.
  • Total Body Water Percentage - how much water is in your body expressed as a percentage of your weight.
  • Fat Mass- the weight of all the fat in your body.
  • Muscle Distribution- readings for each arm and leg and your abdomen.

How does Boditrax Work?

Boditrax uses something called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). How this works is that a safe electric signal is sent through your body via the machine’s footpads. This measures the impedance, ie, how
strong or fast the electrical signal goes through your body. With this data and your weight, Boditrax is able to calculate all the metrics you’ll use to start tracking progress and setting goals.

Since being introduced in 1992, the body composition scale has undergone three major updates. Today the BIA used by Boditrax is recognised as the world leader in practical body composition analysis.

How can I use Boditrax?

All members can use Boditrax completely free of charge - just speak to a member of the team to get you booked in.

All you need to use Boditrax is an email address and password of your choice, so you can log in from home or anywhere to review your measurements and progress at any time. 

TOP TIP: The reading is more accurate if you are prepared to take off your socks and shoes too!

Talk to any of our team members today to get your first Boditrax session!