Swimming Pool - Horwich Leisure Centre


Active sessions are for those looking to use swimming for exercise purposes, or to improve fitness levels. Active sessions permit the use of training aids and equipment for the more serious swimmer.


Social sessions are for those looking to get enjoyment out of swimming. These sessions enable you to swim with others of similar ability and are a great way to meet like-minded swimmers.


Wellbeing sessions are for those looking to use swimming to improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing. A great way to exercise, tone and relieve stress.


Family sessions have been specifically designed for those with children.  The Family sessions offer a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for young and old alike - the perfect family day out.


Our fun sessions are perfect for children and teenagers, offering a lively, energetic and exciting atmosphere - the perfect pool party!

Swimming Pool

Swimming is the ideal leisure activity for all ages to enhance stamina, condition your body, improve strength and flexibility or to simply have fun!

At Horwich Leisure Centre, there are a variety of sessions available in the 25 metre swimming pool for all ages and abilities. The keen swimmer will find lanes available for training, families can make a splash in one of the family fun sessions whilst children can go wild with the floats and inflatables in a pool party or mad splash session. The workout class enthusiast will also find a programme of aqua aerobics – a great way to improve fitness and muscle tone.

View the Pool Timetable and use the session descriptions on the right hand side to help find the perfect session for you.



Our teaching pool is very popular at weekends and during school holidays so to ensure everyone has a fair turn, swimming sessions at these times are an hour each and everyone receives a wristband. The same is in place for family fun sessions in the main pool (some of these sessions are 45 minutes).