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Tots Football

Tots football is a fun activity designed just for children between the ages of 18months and 5years, to help teach them the basic football skills such as, shooting, passing, dribbling and control (stopping the ball). As well as the basic football skills, tots football also help to improve elements such as, balance and co-ordination, providing opportunities to make new friends and developing social skill, such as; teamwork, sharing and communication. All sessions are lead by FA Qualified coaches and last for 45 minutes on a weekly basic.


18month – 2 and half years - Saturday - 9.00 – 10.00

These sessions are designed to help introduce Tots into Football and will be delivered by a FA qualified coach, with the assistance of parents. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals at this stage; different types of movement (running and jumping), one pace kicking and the stop position / control (with assistance). Participants may struggle to dribble the ball at this level, however will enjoy scoring goals.


2 years – 3 years - Saturday - 10.00 – 11.00

These sessions are designed to build on the basic fundamentals already leant, with participants encouraged to take part independently (without parents assistance). Participants will learn a range of kicking speeds and directions, control / stop position (unaided) and will be able to perform small slow dribbles.


4 years – 6 years - Saturday - 11.00 – 12.00

These sessions are designed to develop the skills they have already been taught, taking part in the session independently. The participant will have an improved physical fitness and will be able to travel with the ball, where and how they choice. At this stage there will be a good level of control over their body movements and the ball, capability to dribble in different direction and will have strong striking skills (volleying and half volleying can start to be introduced here).
From £4.20 per lesson (booked as 10 week blocks) from £42 per 10 weeks