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    Bolton Community Leisure (Charity Registration Number: 04687478)

    Bolton’s leisure centres are managed by Bolton Community Leisure. Established in 2003 (and achieved charity commission registration in December 2006) the trust works in partnership with Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council to offer value for money leisure services.


    “Bolton Community Leisure has a desire and responsibility to develop and maintain high quality community sport, leisure, physical activity and educational opportunities across Bolton and surrounding areas, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives”.

    The Trust’s primary functions are to co-ordinate and develop opportunities in conjunction with other partners that are inclusive, accessible and cost effective. The Trust will be managed in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity.

    Long-Term Goals

    The Bolton Community Leisure Trust will help to achieve increased participation in sport and active recreation amongst all parts of the Bolton community. The Trust will use its unique position to support other organisations and people involved in providing sport and recreation services, where this can add tangible value and help to achieve the goal of increased participation.

    This support could involve funding, access to services, guidance or communicating the benefits of sport and active recreation.

    Medium and Short Term Goals

    In order to achieve our long-term goal, the Trust will focus on the following over the next three years:

    • Improving the coaching infrastructure within sports clubs
    • Working with the Bolton Council Sport Health and Inclusion team, Serco Leisure and the schools to achieve the 5 hour per week sport offer for school children
    • Working with the Bolton Council Sport, Health and Inclusion Team, Serco Leisure and the Bolton PCT to provide accessible activities for the 45+ who are deemed to be ‘at risk’ of coronary heart disease.
    • Helping to improve sport and active recreation opportunities for people with long-term conditions

    Leisure Facility Management

    • To ensure that the Council’s leisure facility management operator delivers the service in accordance with all contractual documents and any performance targets agreed from time to time.
    • To lead the Leisure Centre Partnership, consisting of the Trust, Bolton Council and the leisure facility management operator in order to coordinate service delivery and its improvement.
    • To work jointly with other public and private leisure service operators in order to contribute to the co-ordination of borough-wide service delivery where possible.
    • To co-operate in joint working initiatives with individual organisations or wider partnerships which contribute towards achieving the Trust’s facility management objectives.
    • To work with Bolton Council to ensure that opportunities to enhance leisure facilities through capital investment are maximised.

    Wider Strategic Role

    • To generate additional resources through fund raising and securing grant aid in order to further the objectives of the Trust.
    • To contribute to borough-wide partnerships involved in community leisure and social development.

    Corporate Governance

    • To manage the resources of the Trust as cost effectively as possible and maximise financial resources to be applied to the Trust’s objectives.
    • To achieve high standards of integrity, probity and efficiency of the Trust’s operations.
    • To ensure that there are a sufficient number of Trustees and that they have the necessary skills to represent the interests of the wider community.

    Neighbourhood Life

    Neighbourhood Life is our approach to helping ‘more people, become more active, more often’.  The 3 key areas of Neighbourhood Life enable us to focus our services on improving health and wellbeing, establishing our centres as community hubs and providing opportunities to participate in a range of sports.

    Health and Wellbeing
    We help local neighbourhoods and communities to improve their wellbeing through access to programmes of support that help them become more active, more often and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    We want our leisure centres to be community hubs, where you can participate in a range of physical and social activities. In addition to getting people more active to benefit their health, and teaching important life skills such as swimming, we also provide many other activities, such as helping older people to remain active and to socialise, activities for young people that they are interested in and providing opportunities for families to have fun together.

    We want to increase the opportunities for people to participate in a range of different sports. We work in partnership with National Governing Bodies to deliver programmes that make sport more accessible and fun for beginners or returners. We also work with local clubs to identify and develop local talent.