Bolton Community Leisure Trust

Sports & Coaching

A number of sports clubs and lessons are available across Bolton Community Leisure. See the matrix below for which sites offer which activities, and click the blue circle to be taken straight to the page for more information.

Bolton Community Leisure Activities
Activities Horwich Bolton One  Leverhulme Park  Westhoughton Farnworth
Athletics      X     
Athletics Clubs      X     
Archery      X     
Badminton X       X  
Badminton Club X          
Basketball Hire X       X  
Basketball Club X          
Cardio Tennis          
Canoe         X  
Cheerleading X          
Cycling      X     
Fencing X          
Football Indoor X       X  
Football Outdoor X          
Gymnastics X  
Hockey X          
Indoor Bowls          
Ju-Jitsu         X  
Karate   X        
Lifesaving           X
Martial Arts      X  X  
Nam Pai Chu         X  
Netball Hire X       X  
Pepper Pig   X        
Squash X       X  
Swimming X X     X X
Swimming Clubs X X     X X
Swimming Lessons X X     X X
Sub AQA  
Triathlon      X    X